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Colorful Bubbles


We all have within us a Wiggle.

Your Wiggle is your inner guidance system and it gives you clues about what you want and need more of in your life. It stirs within you when you bring yourself close to people and experiences that interest, inspire, and intrigue you. Your Wiggle comes from deep inside your body. It's not connected to your mind; rather it’s connected to your heart and your spirit. Sometimes it speaks when you’re not listening. Your Wiggle is full of wisdom and can guide you toward those aspects of life that feel delicious and meaningful. Part of this journey is learning to find and feel your Wiggle. And part of the journey is learning to let go of the tethers you've put on yourself and your experiences which have prevented you from following your Wiggles in the past. This blog is an exploration of topics related to you and your Wiggle. I hope you discover a newfound freedom in these pages.

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