The Games We Play (And What We Learn)

Did you ever play Hasbro’s Game of Life as a kid? This family-friendly game was designed to teach kids the values and skills of adulthood with an emphasis on “choosing your own path.” It also taught us the “rules of life” based very much on the American Dream. In the game you could choose to go to college, pick a career, buy a house, have a baby, and eventually get to retirement. In the end, the person with the most money wins. Sound familiar? Even if you never played the gam

Jumping the Branches

Our journeys in life are structured much like a tree. We all begin as a seed of potential. Nourished and nursed, we germinate and sprout and emerge into being with personality and skills and quirks. When we form the trunk of the tree we’re surrounded by all the other aspects of the trunk, many like-minds gathered together forming a strong, sturdy, and supportive base. This is our learning phase, our time in school. We’re more similar with our peers than we are different. Our